Who is the fastest growing segment on social media?

Does it surprise you that 45-54 year olds are the fastest growing segment on social media? How about the 22% use social networking sites several times a day. Facebook significantly outperforms Twitter for impacting purchase behavior. Although Twitter is growing more rapidly with 53% of users having been a member for less than a year. Check out these an other amazing social media stats in this Infographic found at All Twitter: 10 Amazing Social Media Statistics.

Email Will Never Die

With so many ways to connect with your audience electronically should you give up on email? This article from readwrite will make you think other wise. The medium is virtually unchanged after 40 years with 144.8 billion sent everyday. According to Ray Tomlinson,the creator of email, nothing has filled the space that email serves. As always, you need to know your audience to determine the best way to reach them. Email should be considered along with Facebook, IM, Twitter and others. Read the article Email Will Never Die – The Man Who Invented It Reveals Why.

Social Media Analytics

With any project you take on you need to set metrics to determine if the project was successful. Social media is no different. You need to know if the time and effort you’re spending is providing value for you and your organization. Dave Copeland from readwrite has written a good article called Making the Most of Social Media Analytics. He explains that social media is measurable and that doesn’t mean just counting the “vanity metric” followers.Dave shares Linus Chou’s, of Google Analytics, outline of four ways social media managers could measure the effectiveness of their posts: virality, engagement, advocacy and retention.