Are Keywords and SEO Dead?

The article Keywords Are Dead? Long Live Keywords by George Stevens on the Social Media Today website confirmed my view of Search Engine Optimization. People search with keywords so if you want your content to rise to the top of any search result results for a given keyword, your content better be relevant to that keyword. I’ve had many customers ask me about SEO and I always point back to their content. As it says in the article “good quality content will have all the keywords you need”. Search engines decide relevancy based upon content and the words in that content. You need to spend a good amount of time thinking about how your content is structured. Including your keywords in not only body content but headers and navigation as well. This will greatly improve the relevancy of a given keyword on your site.

The article goes on to discuss the death of SEO. It positions professional SEO as being in business to “trick” Google and other search engines. Since searchers want relevant results to their keyword search, Google’s aim is to be “un-trickable” or “SEO proof”. I agree with the author that as SEO practices must evolve. As long as people use search engines to find information there will always be a need to optimize the content of your website.


Is Your Mobile Site Hurting Your Search Rankings?

Here’s another case for using Responsive Design. Your separate mobile site may be hurting your search rankings. This article SEO for the mobile web on Web Designer Depot states that duplicate content between the desktop and mobile sites may draw penalties from search engines and separate domains may split the page’s link equity and decrease page rankings. Using responsive design is the best solution to avoid duplicate content. The same content can be formatted to fit the view-port of any device that browses it be it a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.